Two Mecklenburg Radiology Associates (MRA) providers have been honored with Novant Health’s highest provider honor.

Dr. Paul Capito has been named 2022 Doctor of the Year, and Ashley Medina, PA-C, has been named 2022 Advanced Practice Provider (APP) of the Year. They were nominated for this award by their peers for consistently contributing to a remarkable patient experience. Dr. Capito and Ashley Medina work as a physician-APP team at Mecklenburg Radiology Associates, treating patients in interventional and diagnostic radiology.

Novant Health created these awards to acknowledge dedicated Novant Health providers who have earned the appreciation and respect of their fellow staff based on specific criteria. It was the vision of Dr. Larry Weems, senior vice president and chief clinical officer of Novant Health, for the winners of this year’s awards to be selected based on input from fellow providers at the hospital. 

“We wanted to recognize individuals selected by members of the medical staff that work with them every day – providers who go out of their way to support patients, patient families, and the team here,” said Dr. Weems. “Dr. Capito and Mrs. Medina both exceed the call of duty to ensure the patients get the high-quality care that they need – and do so with consideration, compassion, and respect.”

The 2022 Doctor of the Year award is based on criteria that include:

  • Serving as a role model in daily work – creating an environment that fosters care and compassion for patients, patient families, and team members
  • Demonstrating the service standards of diversity and inclusion, teamwork, personal excellence, and compassion
  • Motivating fellow team members with a shared vision and enthusiasm to achieve better outcomes for themselves and their patients
  • Being accessible and responsive to the needs of others
  • Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving for individuals and encouraging the growth of the team
  • Promoting and enhancing the image of healthcare within the organization, community, and medical profession

Nurturing community

For Salisbury and the surrounding areas, Novant Health Rowan Medical Center serves a vital need. Providers take collective responsibility to provide the local community with opportunities for healthcare and access to health information. For Mrs. Medina, working closely alongside the Novant Health medical staff helps her take the best care possible of patients – many of whom come from rural areas or traditionally underserved communities. 

“I enjoy the community feel of Novant Health. I think the medical staff among different specialties work well with each other, providing an opportunity to develop trustworthy relationships. I also enjoy that we provide an essential service for this area,” says Mrs. Medina. 

Dr. Capito and Mrs. Medina received their 2022 Doctor and Advanced Practice Provider (APP) of the Year awards on the Novant Health Rowan Medical Center Campus.

Providers at Novant Health understand that offering quality healthcare transcends just immediate healthcare services – it can also positively impact a community’s economic health.

“Understanding the area where we work is critical because healthcare and the vitality of the surrounding community are intrinsically linked,” says Dr. Capito. “Ultimately, as providers, we’re just as invested in the community as our patients are.”

Putting patients first

At Novant Health, core values are important. One foundational core value is what Dr. Weems calls “deep humanity” – treating patients, families, and fellow team members with compassion, sympathy, and generosity. The candidates for this award must also possess these traits. 

“Putting ourselves in patients’ shoes and walking the experience with them is an important part of providing care,” says Dr. Capito. “We’re a team with our patients – and we want to empower them to make healthcare decisions with us that are best for them and their families.”

For Mrs. Medina, knowing she’s helping patients feel better brings her the greatest satisfaction. But she also enjoys patient education and pathophysiology – ensuring her patients and their families fully understand elements of care such as diagnostic testing, results, and any necessary interventions and prescriptions. She also strives to be an ally for them, helping them navigate ever-changing insurance issues and treatment costs. 

“The knowledge that I can still help people despite the changing regulations and costs is the most positive part of my career that just gets stronger and more fulfilling the longer I continue,” she says.